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“The setting up of USHA Silai Schools in villages all over India with a capacity to teach at least 20 (twenty) women in a year, how to sew using sewing machines to be provided by Usha International Ltd.,“

PMSSS in sponsorship with Usha International  Ltd., started Silai School program at Pondicherry district. The women were Trained on stitching for 16 Garment Models  + Variation of Blouse and Chudithars. In the phase I 30 women got trained and opened silai school in their respective area.  After success of the Phase I program, Phase II was started in Villupuram district and trained 30 women. 

  • The trainees should posses basic knowledge on tailoring skill
  • The trainees are should be from low economic conditions.
  • Preference to  destitute and widows
Residentional Training Program at PMSSS Livelihood Training Center, Periyakalapet
Silai School Training Silai School Training
Silai School Training Silai School Training
  • 7days residential training
  • Usha silai school awareness by WE’s
  • Opening of Usha Silai school in Target areas
  • Issue of Certificates to the WE’s / Teachers
  • Functioning of Silai schools
Usha International Usha International
Certificate distributed to the Course Completed women
Usha Machine Usha Machine
Tailoring Machine Distributed at Free cost for the course completed women
Silai School Silai School
Silai School Opening in their respective areas.
  • 60 Socially, Economically backward rural women  got opportunity to equip themselves with tailoring course.
  • Technical skill and capacity of women as entrepreneur developed.
  • Poor and needy women owned a free tailoring machine sponsored by USHA.
  • Training Module inspired the trainees in its comprehensiveness.
  • Gained more knowledge and skill in tailoring with  short duration training
  • Simple women became a skilled persons, owner of Silai School, teachers,  entrepreneur, employer etc.,
  • Developed Fraternity and integrating among women from different destination  in Puducherry and Villupuram Districts.
  • Self esteem, Self confidents, Dignity, Positive attitude and courage got imbibed in women.
  • Given a new outlook for women as individual, partner and member of the family and  living community.
  • Income earning capacity enhanced.
  • 45 Silai School established in Rural villages and 15 will be established sooner.
  • Created good impact among the rural women especially young girls to avail the tailoring training  within their locality with easy access &  minimum fees.
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